The Talk.

Sharon Gordon has a lust for understanding the world, it's perceptions, cultures and taboos. She is a fearless teller of necessary truths. 

Her opinions are occasionally controversial but always thought provoking. She is a natural born leader with the skills to influence and change perception. 

Her talks are empowering, liberating, educational, motivational and funny. Sharon has addressed audiences ranging from less than 10 to over 800.

Topics include:

  • The Power of Negotiation 
  • It's more than Money
  • Gender Capital and the Balance Sheet of Power.
  • Welcome to the Gentleman's Club.
  • Live Rich, Happy and Hot.
  • The Ugly Truth.
  • The Genderation Gap
  • There is no such thing as African Time.
  • Personal Assets and Promotion.
  • If your Body was a Billboard.
  • The Real F Word is FEAR

Topics can be tailored to entertain and educate any audience.