"Missing Link had the pleasure of hosting Sharon at one of our Smart Mo'Fo sessions. Her talk is interesting, inspiring,  entertaining,  and provocative -  in every sense of the word. Highly recommended."

Richard Mulholland
Founder,  Missing Link 

"If you are looking to have your team and audience to:

·         re-invent themselves

·         move out of  comfort zones

·         drive to a new level of performance

·         be relevant and authentic 

Then look no further, as Sharon Gordon is the person for this!  Her fascinating personal track record in unchartered waters as a Human Rights Attorney, first female board member of a leading global mining empire, experience in the aviation, stationery and sensuality businesses, and her current driven and determined experiences of the business world resonates  with all and  leaves people in awe and on a positive, impactful and thought provoking note to rethink their limits. 

The thoughtful planning as well as the passion and desire that Sharon  puts into each of her incredible challenges is impressive. All of these attributes emanate from her during the course of her presentation and you know you are listening to a truly extraordinary woman". 

Anusha Singh

Founder and Owner of International Inspiring Women Network


YPO & WPO Spouses Event


  • Sharon Gordon - 9.9
  • Overall: 9.8

'Sharon is an amazing speaker. I was very impressed.'

'Very Dynamic'

'Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. A 10++++ on take home value.'

'Very well presented and well researched. Would highly recommend to friends.'

'An amazing evening. Sharon was fabulous!'

'Enjoyed every minute - Thanks'